Welcome to the Rikoko Professional online ordering system. We strive to develop lasting relationships with the salons that carry our products and to protect both the integrity of the professional salon business and the prestige of our product line, all of which benefits both our company and yours.  In furtherance of those goals, all Rikoko products are laser-coded. This technology allows us to determine the origin of any products that are distributed in violation of our agreements.  Please see below for the terms and conditions of sale that will govern all orders from us, which you will be required to follow in order to maintain your online wholesale account.

I. Use of Products
(a) You are to use and sell Rikoko products only in connection with providing your hairdressing services in your official salon location(s) (“Salon(s)”) unless otherwise expressly stated herein;
(b) You are not to sell Rikoko products to anyone other than retail customers at your salon(s);
This means that you shall not sell any Rikoko products (“Products”) to other businesses, through market-place websites, through on-line auction sites (e.g. Amazon, eBay) or to any customer for resale whether inside or outside your authorized territory.  If you become aware of any such prohibited sales or activities of others, we require that you notify us immediately.

III. Internet Sales
(a) You are permitted to resell online through your official Website direct to your retail customers, however authorized approval is subject to the following conditions:
(i.)  You shall consult with us prior to use and publication of your Website in the look, feel, technical specification, operational capabilities and functionality of the  Website when it displays the Products or describes their availability for sale so that we can ensure:
A. the consistency between the Website and our advertising, trademarks, marketing and the Rikoko brand.
B. that the Website in no way damages or devalues our advertising, trademarks, marketing , the Rikoko brand or the company’s commercial reputation; and
C. the accuracy of all content related to the Products.

(ii.) You shall obtain our approval in writing to the Website or any material amendment or revision related to the Products, descriptions, claims and offerings  before any such content is displayed publicly or made available to customers.
Before selling our Products on your Website, please send screen prints of every page referring to Rikoko to Renee Cascarina at

(iii.)  The website must:
A. use a URL address (domain name) as approved by us.  You are not authorized to use “Rikoko” in the domain name of your Website;
B. display in a prominent way and position on the Website's home page and throughout your Website, links to our website,
C. not display the trademark, logo or branding for any person (including in that limitation a person hosting or supporting the Website) except us and, to the  extent permitted by these terms and conditions, you
This means that you are prohibited from selling and shall not sell Rikoko Products on the same webpage as other brands;
D. comply with all applicable laws and industry standards that apply in Florida, the jurisdiction in which the sale is taking place and any other country that you  know, you should know or it would be reasonable for a potential customer to be based.

In this paragraph, "Website" means any website or other platform for selling products over the internet or by other electronic means (wherever established or  operated in the world) that is established, operated, licensed, used or applied by you to promote, sell, support or service the Products.

The terms of this letter will be governed by, interpreted and enforced in accordance with Florida law and any action or proceeding arising from this letter will be subject to the jurisdiction of any federal or state court sitting in Miami, Florida.

Your order of the Products will be deemed your consent to and your acceptance of these terms and conditions. No additions or deletions of or changes to any of the terms or conditions by you shall be valid or effective and no such actions shall in any way impose obligations on this company.  No legal terms of any type shall be effective if added by you when placing an order.  The order of precedence of documents governing our business relationship shall be the terms of this contract and the form of purchase order of Products.

We thank you for your business and look forward to long and prosperous relationship.